Thursday, May 17, 2007

Passports, check.

OK, yesterday the kids got out of school early, so we used that time to go get passport photos and apply for the passports. Both parents must be present, and with crazy hours, this was really the only time for all four of us to go!! I get all nervous when I have to carry around folders of important documents like Original Birth Certificates, and Social Security Cards. What if I lose it??? Turns out my BC wasn't the original, despite being the same copy that has gotten me in and out of Mexico and Canada several times....I guess it has no "seal". Well, we are just crossing fingers....I wish I could post the photos we took, they were so pretty. We went to a little photography shop to have them done, and as soon as I sat down the guy said OK, no smile, no teeth, so I immediately cracked up. Nothing like being told I cannot laugh to set me off. Then every time he pointed the camera at me, I started to laugh again. This made HIM laugh, so it took a few minutes to get me to be serious. So my picture is especially lovely and red-faced. Oh goody.

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