Monday, July 30, 2007

Contra Costa and Sonoma, some of my favorite counties!

This morning I got up a little early, as we planned to go to the Sonoma County Fair. It is Mom's real birthday today, and she LOVES the fair. I called the Passport office as it is my twice daily habit these days, and was dealt yet another blow. TODAY they decided to open my passport application, (despite what they told me last week, those lying liars), and TODAY they decided to put it "on hold". Faithful and thorough readers of this blog, will remember the post of 5/17 "Passports, check", when I applied for my passport, I did not have my "original" birth certificate with a seal, just an original 1967 mimeograph. Turns out that crossing fingers is just not enough. So despite that copy of my BC being the one that has gotten me in and out of Canada and Mexico AND my new Social Security Card, it is just not good enough for the Passport People. So after some quick phone calling, plans have changed slightly. Mom will take the kids up to the Fair, and dad and I will go to Martinez to the county offices where I was born, and I will meet them later. So Dad and I plugged the address in to the Prius GPS lady, and were on our way. We weren't on board with her plan to take the Richmond San Rafael Bridge, and we went through Vallejo instead.
Here we are going across the Carquinez Bridge, into Martinez, this is the new one, the old one is on the left. The GPS lady got us right there, here it is!!
And here is the Seal!!! (I was really excited to get there.)

It took about 20 minutes of waiting, and I now have a "certified" copy of my BC. Apparently I have been operating for 40 years with a lame ol' copy, as the original is on file with the State of California. WHATEVER.
Here we are on the way to Santa Rosa, seeing the sights of the East Bay. Here is the refinery where my dad worked when my parents and sister first moved to Walnut Creek.
We made it to the Fair, met mom and the kids, and had a great rest of the day! We had lunch, watched the horse races, went on the Ferris Wheel, looked at the gardens and crafts (giant cross-stitch!), saw a magic show, and took a hay ride. A great day, in the end.
On the Ferris Wheel.....

The Fair's garden theme was, what else, Snoopy!! Look it's the Great Pumpkin....

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