Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dinner Party

Dad and I went shopping this "morning", well we meant to, but we left closer to 12:30. We went to Joe's to return the icky spinach, pick up some stuff, then United Market to get more stuff, and then to BevMo! for beverages. When we got home, we made some of my famous lasagne, one veggie and one meat-ish. Mom and the kids already had the table set, and the table cloth ironed, and they were down at the Steinbach's house swimming. Weather is still not super hot, but their pool is always pleasant. We got it all finished, made a salad, set out the mixed nuts and were ready. Mr. and Mrs Steinbach came up, and then Cathy and Paul. I meant to take pictures during dinner, but forgot until they were walking out the door. So here they are walking out the door.

Well, at least I remembered then. Oh yeah, and we had a peach pie for dessert that Dad and I bought at United. We wanted something delicious and easy. Well, it was. With vanilla ice cream.

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