Saturday, July 28, 2007

Eating out and Visiting Old Friends Day..

....well, Old as in Long Time, No See. We are all quite youthful and spry!

For lunch we got picked up by Dennis Gray, and went down to the Moylan's BrewPub, near Vintage Oaks. Dennis is great, he attends a trivia night at this pub on Tuesdays, which I meant to get to the bottom of and stump him with some trivia, I forgot....We caught up on things, he's subbing and has been working some at ol' SM, he filled me in on some of the happenings there. Apparently they are taking out the library.... We had a yummy lunch, I had a humongous portabella mushroom sandwich that Miles finished for me after he polished off his cheeseburger. Hungry guy. Here are the kids with Dennis out front. They really want to take his dog to the dog park sometime.
For dinner we went to Petaluma to meet Eric Soderstrom and his family. I was a little hyper about the potential Fridday northbound commute traffic, and left an hour and 40 minutes early. It only took us 30 minutes to get there, and so we killed an hour buying Grandma some birthday cards, and Caroline some sandals. I do not think I have ever been an hour early to anything in my life. AND I got stopped by a DUI checkpoint, and opted not to tell the cop about the beer I had with lunch, which Miles pointed out was a LIE and that I LIED to a cop. Such a great mother I am, setting an example.

We met Eric at Pazzo, a cute little restaurant near downtown, (nothing like our Pazzo). I can't quite remember the last time we saw each other, but it must have been some time around 1988 or 89. It was great to catch up, his is still the same sweet, fast-talking, kind, and funny person he ever was. Here we all are in the restaurant:
We all had a yummy meal, Caroline had pasta so all was right in the world. Eric even showed up with photos from the Prom, his car that Carolyn and I decorated, and some other pics of Carolyn now with her baby, little cutie. Eric's family, Rachel and Jake are also adorable, and it was fun to hang out with them. Miles and Caroline had brought a Calvin and Hobbes book that they were reading to Jake. It cracks me up how many times they read it, they still think it is hysterical......Caroline got pretty wiped out towards the end of the meal, and threatened to fall asleep on me. Miles ate about 3 baskets of bread.....he loves the sourdough. Hungry guy. On the way home I told Miles and Caroline about how in HS, Eric, my friend Carolyn and I used to cruise around in his Chevy, and if it was night, we would drive past these cool lights at the Fireman's Fund building. If you go fast you get a poor-man's strobe effect. Just for old times I drove past the lights for them. It was more fun in Da Chevy, I have to admit.

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