Thursday, July 26, 2007

Exploratorium," Awesome!!"***

***Direct quote from Miles.

Today we went to San Francisco with Dad to the Exploratorium. It is still super fun, just like it was when I went there on class field trips in elementary school. We went around the whole thing, it is like our own Science Center times a million, and still did not see everything!! My favorite exhibit was "Watching Ice Freeze" through polarized lenses, seriously! It was way cool. Miles, of course, loved everything to do with spinning, centrifugal force, optical illusions, etc. Caroline had a great time in the Alice-in-Wonderland-styled-weird-perspective house. We ate lunch in the little cafe, pressed on through the exhibits, and exited when we were all sensory-overloaded and over-stimmed. Miles was not ready to leave, but we talked him into it. Here are some pictures of our day:

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Dr D said...

Love that dress that Caroline is wearing! I heard that crafty gal made it herself. Wow, like mama like daughter!