Monday, July 16, 2007

Golfing at McGuinness

Ah yes, the very place where we had Cross Country meets BEFORE there was a golf course, and the site of the ONLY time I ever placed in a cross country race, I believe it was 8th, in the MCALs. I KNOW, really exciting. So, now there is a golf course, and Mini golf course, and we went out today, to play some mini golf, which we all love, and have some lunch. Well, we experienced THRILLS on holes 5 and 8, TRAGEDY on hole 13, and a DEBACLE on hole 17. Who says golf is boring? Here we are before any of that.

Holes 5 and 8 are the sites of the 2 holes in one of the day, by me and Miles respectively....there was much hooting and jumping about. Hole 13 is where Miles fell over, hit his back/tailbone on a rock, and then proceeded to pass out. We almost gave up, but he is such a trooper, after some water and putting some ice on his head (which turned out to be an astroturf-burn, not a contusion) we got back on it and completed the round. We all fell apart on the 17th hole, and naturally the party behind us was standing around watching and waiting, while we each took about 3 Mulligans, and some putting liberties. Oh well, we all agreed that in the end it was a very fun day. We had a nice lunch in the clubhouse.

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