Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Marine World, Africa USA

Oh, wait, no, it is now called Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. When I was going to school in Davis, they were in the process of moving the whole theme park from Redwood City to Vallejo, and every time I drove past, I would try to see the giraffes. Here is one now!
Yesterday we went to the SFDK, and saw giraffes,
tigers, lions, camels, zebra, sharks, dolphins, sea lions, walrus, elephants, fish, sting rays, and of course, an orca!

It was a fabulous and long day, we were too tired to blog about it last night, plus I am inexplicably covered in hives, ugh.

We arrived first thing in the morning, and then planned our day around all the animal shows. We think our favorite was the dolphin show, they are just so cute. Although the sea lion show was pretty funny--Odie and Cecil and the Bermuda Rectangle--Miles thought there were some pretty funny lines in that one. Let's just say they were rather punny.

The kids got to pet a baby zebra...

...................The orca show was very impressive,
although we wondered why they called them killer whales the whole time. Maybe it is just a northwest thing...

Mom noticed that they have changed their focus a bit from before. It used to be that the tigers and orcas would be jumping through hoops of fire. Now they are more about splashing the audience, and educating people about the animals. They are very quick in all their schpeals to say that the animals are all technically "wild", they have just been well trained. "Our animals are not domesticated...etc etc....." Well, who knows...It was a fine day, we learned stuff and Miles took this excellent picture to put at the end of this blog post. So there it is, The End.

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