Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Miwok Park

On Tuesday, I did not post a blog entry because I think that we did not take any pictures!! How could it be possible? We did spend the morning at home relaxing, reading, and playing games. In the afternoon we went down to Ben Franklin Crafts, mom got a cross stitch to work on, I am so inspirational. (har har) Then we went to Miwok Park, and checked out the Native American Museum there. We got there 15 minutes before they closed, but it was no biggie, because it is about the size of my living room. They had a neat exhibit about petroglyphs and a very enthusiastic docent.

Then we played some frisbee and the kids played on the play structure. I sat out from under the trees so as not to get any tick bites. I am so paranoid now, it is so unlike me!

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