Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Point Reyes, SiCKO

Mom and Dad went to their 2.5 hour workweek "job" at the Library Book Store this morning. I spent the morning it seemed on the phone, with the passport office, and then the doctor's office. Then I packed up a picnic, and when they got home, we headed out to Point Reyes. The plan was to hang out on the beach, and then walk out to the Lighthouse. We went to Drakes' Beach first, it is always nice there, and protected a bit by the cliffs. We had a great time, eating, playing frisbee and building sand castles. Please observe photodocumentation here:

From here we went up the road to the Lighthouse. We walked up the the road, arrived at the gate at 4:29:30pm (according to Miles's watch), only to find a sign that says that the stairs close at 4:30. Oh rats! So we stood around on the Pacific Coast's Windiest Point, and read the signage, marveled at the flowers growing there, and observed a seal in the water down below. It was super windy, and heavily fogging, we were wearing all the clothes we could fit on. Funny to think it was about 80 and sunny back at the house.

We got home and I gave Kelly a call. We had plans to do something this evening. We ended up getting together and going out for some Really Yummy Pizza, and to see the movie Sicko. It is a really good movie and if you haven't seen it yet, you should. And if you do go see it, remember to bring some Kleenex, because no one told me to, and you will cry and if you don't AT LEAST tear up, then you have ice for veins, in which case you might need a doctor, which you will for sure need health insurance for, in which case you should go see this movie. Say what you will about Michael Moore, at least he is out there saying this stuff!!

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