Monday, July 23, 2007

We left our Hearts...

Today we took the Larkspur Ferry into The City to do some sightseeing. We were able to sit outside on the ferry, not too cold, although very windy back in the stern here.
Here's a nice view of the city...
We got off the ferry and walked over to the fountain on the Embarcadero that I remember playing on when I was a kid...
There's Caroline peeking out... From there, we caught a Cable Car up California Street, to the top of the hill
At the top of the hill, we played in a little park, and then went over to Grace Cathedral and got in practice at looking at churches for when we are in France.
After this, we took the Cable Car back down the hill, and had lunch at the Hyatt. It was very delicious, and we rode the glass elevators up and down a few times when we were done.
From there we HIKED across town, to Telegraph Hill, and took the steps up to Coit Tower. There are a LOT of steps, and yes, we did see and hear the wild parrots.

Here we are on some of the many steps. Caroline was quite charmed by the houses along the stairs, and decided she would like to live there when she grows up. When dad said, well you would have to pick one near the street, otherwise how would you get your piano in there? She didn't miss a beat and said, I'll just get a keyboard!
After this, we hiked back to the ferry terminal, mom and the kids got a cold drink and relaxed, and dad and I walked around this very adorable market that is in the terminal, now. We picked up fabulous bread, artisan cheese, heirloom tomatoes, an assortment of olives, and a delicious prosciutto. (I'm working on adjectives, here.) At home we added some ripe melon, spicy arugula, and a very delightful pinot. Mmmm, picnic dinner, my favorite kind. For dessert we had some chocolates that Caroline convinced mom to buy earlier in the day. Perfect!

Weather still fantastic, we did not even need sweaters in the city today.

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