Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bateaux Mouches--Sacré-Coeur!!

Today, Saturday, was a bit overcast, and we thought it would be a good day for a boat ride, maybe not so crowded. It is actually pretty warm out, the clouds are high and do not look like rain. So we sauntered down Boulevard George 5, to the Rive, and hopped aboard the Bateau-Mouche. It was about an hour and a half, and we got to see all the main sights from the water. It was actually a really nice way to see things, because you just get to sit and look. You do have to pay a bit of attention, because the narration is in 6 different languages, so you have to notice when they switch to English......Here is Miles on the boat.

Here we are going under the Pont d'Invalides. It is really fancy, this is hardly the half of it!!Another view of Notre Dame. It is just phenomenal---any direction you look at it....

Oh! The Eiffel Tower AND the Statue of Liberty! Eiffel apparently helped design the interior structure of the Lady of Liberty.OK, that was a short highlight reel of our boat ride. There were many beautiful buildings and bridges, and the weather was actually nicer than it looks in the photos. From the boat dock, we walked back up to the Champs, went to Paul for our daily baguette, then hopped on Metro, headed for Montmartre. We figured out that the whole Metro "pass" thing is not worth our while, and are just buying booklets of 10 tickets at a time, now. Here are Miles and Caroline looking like metro-pros.

We got off the metro, and hiked up a touristy street to the lawn here in front of Sacre-Couer. There we ate our lunch on the VERY steep grass. I think this is the highest hill in Paris, and the view is fantastic. A little hazy today, but we do not complain. We walked around inside the church, which had unbelievably beautiful mosaic work, but they do not let you take photos.

Then we headed out the back for a little walking tour of the Montmartre Area. A very charming area once popular with artists and poets, although apparently real estate prices are keeping those types out nowadays. Here's a nice view: Our little walk took us through a park where we found this statue. This is St Denis, who was beheaded and then walked to this spot carrying his head. ooooo, creepy!

Then we saw this cat sleeping on a motorcycle, OMG, so cute.
Then we saw this house that Van Gough lived in....that is pretty neat-o.

Then we took the obligatory picture of Moulin Rouge. At one time, there were many mills in this area, over 30, and they ground gypsum from underground quarries. They had to stop, though, so the hill wouldn't collapse. We had planned to hit the Montmartre Cemetery, but were a little pasted so we are saving it for another time. We did peek over the fence at it, and it looked really cool. After this, we metro-ed home, made dinner and went to bed! Phew!

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