Monday, August 20, 2007

Day with The Warners

Sally and Jeff had to go return their car this morning, so the boys had some time to hang out together. We made breakfast and cleaned up and stuff.....

Here is Aunt Cynthia on Nick's computer, writing her column she needs to send in today. I think it might be about Cecilia Sarkosy, hot topic here these days.

Then we decided to head over to the Left Bank again, so the kids could play on that great playground at Luxomburg Gardens...this extremely cute French Grandma took a liking to Caroline on the Metro. They held hands the whole way.
We got there and the kids played on the playground for a long time. Jeff got into a game of pickup basketball, and Nick wandered off looking for bread. We ended up being there at the perfect time to catch a marionette show. We could hardly understand half of it, but being geared for kids, and about Farm Animals, it was very funny.
Caroline got to ride this ancient merry-go-round and they give you a wand and you try and spear these little she is: Catching the Brass Ring!!
Then we walked around the gardens, so pretty, and Nick became part of a sculpture.
I liked this one.
And then Caroline became part of a sculpture.
Palace, garden...
Miles and Tai, so happy together on the Metro.
We finished up eating AMAZING felafel in the Jewish part of town, and actually got home before 9pm tonight!! We all just hung out and went to bed at a reasonably decent hour!


Dick Steinbach said...

Hey, You don't have any comments. Here's one,

Great mix of photos and commentary. I had a vicarous trip. Kids look like they had a ball. Glad the passport came through!

Now that I'm a Google Blogger, what does that mean.


Dick Steinbach

Dick Steinbach said...

I tried to comment. What happened?