Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy Anniversary to me

Today is our 12 year anniversary. We never thought 12 years ago that we would ever be in Paris on our anniversary. Awesome. Appropriate to our wedding memory, we were woken by thunder claps and solid downpour. We had a leisurely breakfast with Cynthia of crepes (you buy them in the store like tortillas), jam, more pastries, fruit and coffee. She is full of great family stories, we are just trying to take them all in....We headed out on foot down the Champs-Elysses, headed for the Place de la Concorde. There is a 3500 year old Olbelisk there, (note that it was given to France from Egypt, not plundered), and SO MANY beautiful buildings, fountains, and I am here to say that America really needs to incorperate more gold gilt into its public art and structures. Here is a little photo gallery of that area:
OK, so this building was built as a residence for 4 men. Now it is a car club or something or other. All right.
Even the bottom of the light posts are fancy!!


View back down Champs-Elysses.

From here we walked to La Madeleine Eglise, with its 52 Fine Corinthian Columns...

Very impressive. We went inside, and it is overwhelmingly beautiful. Fresco, statues, carving, more columns, gilt and the what-have-you. There is a sign at the entrance asking you to keep quiet, which was not a problem. So much to look at, and it is so ornate, it is hard to think of stuff to say.
We left there, headed for the Opera building and bumped into an entire Henkels Shop!! We went in and bought a cheap paring knife that will last about the 3 weeks we are here. The knife situation in the apartment is totally ridiculous, we consider it part of the rent. I saw the first Starbucks I had seen here, then I saw three more today!! Here is the Opera building we were looking for. Wow. Again.
Just some crummy little thing they slapped up again. We were looking for nourishment and toilets, so we went to the "mall". Here is what the roof of the mall looks like in Paris.
For shame, Northgate, for shame!! Oh and here are the other floors.
Then we hoofed along until we found a cute little brasserie, and got some gigantic baguette sandwiches (shared). Then we came home and rested, because Aunt Cynthia wanted to take us out for dinner for our anniversary. She had a swanky place in mind, right on the Champs-Elysses called Fouquet's. Very popular with movie stars and their ilk and she had been there "back in the day" with some famous film-types she was interviewing. She also told us a story about Errol Flynn helping her to get down from a rock, at a party at a Chateau around here, and commenting that she was too old for him. (he had recently been in trouble for hanging out with a 13 year old, oops).

We had a fabulous dinner, I had a great tomato salad, Nick and Cynthia both had fois gras, we all had the duck entree, and the kids had pasta with tomato sauce and great hunks of parmesan on it. Here is Miles with his wine, a lovely beaujolais, he liked it and drank it all!
Here is Caroline in heaven with her mousse au chocolat dessert!
We had a glass of champagne at dessert to celebrate, it was all delicious, and so rich! I'll be digesting this meal for a while....... We were all so stuffed, in a good way, we rolled home, and went to bed!!

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julien said...

Holly Shmoly you went to Fouquet's?
It's considered the best restaurant in Paris on a food quality + star sighting scale. It's where our president Sarkozy celebrated his victory in May.
I guess somebody's living the high life.