Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last Day in Paris

Sally and Jeff went to do their "walk through" of their apartment today, so we took the kids over to the Pere LaChaise cemetary. There are many famous people buried there, so we picked a few out that we wanted to find. First off, there was Chopin. Caroline really wanted to take a picture for her piano teacher. This one was easy enough to find.

Then we wandered around and around and around and around, searching for Jim Morrison's grave. People, if you have the Paris Michelin Guide, it has it located in the WRONG place! So we had to sit down here for some nourishment. Picnic in a graveyard, not something you do every day...
Even without having an incorrect map, it is pretty easy to get lost, all the streets look like this:
I was trying to get pictures that showed how this place just goes on and on and on and on, but it is hard to capture. We don't know whose grave this was, but we liked their sense of humor. Caroline thought it was a little creepy.
We finally found Jim Morrison's grave, here it is, where almost EVERY other person is standing!! Especially young people with backpacks, beers and Ramones shirts.
Then we wandered hither and yon to find Bizet's grave. Caroline played The Toreador Song for her piano recital in June, so she really wanted this photo op for her piano teacher as well.
That was it. Three graves was all we could find due to map inadequacies and the massiveness of the place. We will have to find the other ones another day. We met up with Sally and Jeff, and got some beverages at this place.
We did some last-day tourist shopping, and ate dinner in this Englishish Pub, where the beer was warm and the food really good....
THEN we went home, and as we found out yesterday from Nick's Uncle, our favorite Hairy Fairy psychodelic folkster was playing in Paris tonight. Uncle Loring set us up with tickets and passes. Jeff was not feeling 100%, so Sally, Nick and I metroed off to l'European club to see Devendra Banhart play!! We missed the beginning, so when we got there all we could do was stand...against the stage. So we did, and it was about 1000 degrees, totally packed and thankfully, no-smoking. Nick snapped some pics, here the are, some are better than others.


It was a really great show, and such a fun way to end our stay here. We were very grateful to Uncle Loring and Devendra for setting us up with the tickets and backstage passes. Nick was the only one to go backstage and say thank you, Sally and I stood around and felt silly.

Tomorrow we fly home and sum up our trip!

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