Monday, August 13, 2007

Le Louvre!

Today we decided to go to the Louvre. We have a bit of a plan, and will stay as long as it takes to see what we want to see. So here we are walking down there. (after a stop at Paul for bread)

We walk across the grounds which we already walked across the other day, Notre Dame day, so we don't dawdle with photos here. There is something funny about the birds sitting on the statue's heads, so we do have to take a photo here...We also stop to admire the view back down the Champs-Elysses, with the arches and the obelisk all lining up.

We have museum passes, so do not wait in any line, and go in through our own special entrance. Here is the view of the pyramid from the inside! Way cool.
Now we are in the Louvre, and we read that if you walk the entire thing it is 35 km!! Well we do not have the stamina and provisions for that, so we will just mosey around to what we want to see, and see everything in between. Now, before you go judging us on our choices here, keep in mind we are museum-ing with children!! Keeping with our motto of always looking up when we go into museums in France, we are treated to this excellent ceiling.
Photo not the best, but holy cats, these ceilings are fancy!! Here is a shot of the crowd going through one of the Very Many Sculpture Galleries.
The crowd was remarkably not as bad as it looks here. Maybe we just picked the right exhibits. This is a beautiful portrait of a woman called Caroline!
Here is just PART of the Gigantic painting of Napoleon coronating himself. Actually I think he is giving the crown to Josephine after already giving himself one. The Pope is in the picture, BEHIND him, which was scandalous, since the Pope should have given the crown, but Napoleon was all: No, I don't think the Church should be above the state, why don't you just sit down? and then the Pope was all, Huh? what? OK, I'll just sit here and wave, and then Napoleon goes, yeah, you will, ah yes, Here is my crown...

Not kidding if this painting were laying on the ground it would cover the whole floor of my living room and then some. Huge, I tell you.
Then we made it to Italian Paintings because according to Caroline we HAD to see the Mona Lisa. There were signs at the front of the museum saying that you could not take photos of, Here is a photo of the people taking photos of it. Turns out THIS is the photo (of the crowd, go figure) you cannot take, as the very nice security guard pointed out to Nick AFTER he took it. oops.
Here she is. Behind glass, and small. I would be way more impressed if I could get a better view but all these people who read the damn Da Vinci Code are in my way. It is really a pretty painting, and Caroline is fully under her spell.
Here is a statue that Michalangelo was working on but never finished for a Pope's tomb. It is of a slave, (why? dunno) and interestingly he will never break out of the marble block that Mike never carved him out of....
This statue was amazingly detailed, Miles was impressed.
We ate our lunch out on the lawn with many pigeons and all these statues.
This piece of Greek antiquity had a sign that said...keep in mind this is french so if you don't understand it, it is OK, it is a foreign language....

"Vase colossal"
You can look it up if you need to.

We went through the Dutch paintings, which the kids enjoyed, the still lifes, and the change of pace from all the humongous paintings of Jesus on the cross and naked people in battle. (Miles is confused by this, he feels being naked in a battle would be rather vulnerable)

Then we go down the Egyptian corridor which was filled with many sarcophagi, mummies, papyrus, etc. Since Miles studied Egypt in 3rd grade, he was able to tell us quite a bit about the stuff. Here we are taking a rest
After this rest, we are ready to go. Then we realize that we missed the mummified cats!!! So we went way back in, and found them!
Caroline thinks we should do this to Clyde when he kicks the bucket. I am not keen.
We get home in late afternoon, and send PaPA off to Monoprix, and enjoy a little downtime. Let's take this time to take a tour of the apartment, shall we? Here is the living/dining room, where Miles is working on his journal. He is diligently documenting differences between various Metro trains. That is his bed in the foreground, and Aunt Cynthia's bedroom is off to the left. No pic, it is private!
Here is the other side of the living room, with the fireplace designed by Aunt Cynthia's late beloved husband, Richard.
This is Caroline's room.
Kitchen! It is a 2 person kitchen although the kids and I have been breakfasting at the little table when we don't want to carry everything out to the big room. I just realized I did not take a photo of the bathroom. It is about this same size!
This is our room, one side because there is laundry drying all over the other side....that is the window you can see the top of the Tower out of...
Laundry at end of storage nook here, and off to the right where is is painted blue is more storage where we are keeping our suitcases.
View from kitchen window.

View from living room, out the window looking left.

needless to say, we love it!

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