Sunday, August 5, 2007

Market Day

We got up slightly earlier today, between 10 and 10:30. There are no clocks in this house, so it is very hard to judge unless I ask Miles, since he is the only one wearing a watch here. We had a FANTASTIC breakfast because Cynthia got up early and went to La Boulangerie and picked up an assortment of croissant for us. Caroline had her dream croissant avec chocolat! She loved it. Cynthia also went next door to talk with the Concierge about the baggage some more, and she had gotten the message that the bags were here!! They should be delivered to the hotel sometime today!! Hoo Ray!!!

After breakfast, we cleaned up and got out of the house and took our first ride on Metro.
It is super easy to figure out, other than the money thing, and we think we will just end up buying a pass since we will probably use it a lot. It was really crowded. We took it down to the 11th Arrondissement to the Bastille Market. We got some fruit, olives, Chardonnay from Chardonnay, and Nick got a hat, because he cannot travel without a straw hat. Here is Miles washing the plums in the public fountain. Caroline said, look, even the faucets are pretty here!! (She loves the ornate doors and decorations on the buildings here.)
Here's the market.
Here is some giant Brie. There is not really any perspective, but they are about the size of a large pizza.
We then walked over to Ile St Louis, and Ile de la Cite (sorry again no accents, Miles is already in bed)and saw the outside of Notre Dame. It is impossible not to just stand and gawk and say Wow, a lot.

There was a little playground and Miles and Caroline played with the kids there a bit, and then we walked over the Rive to the Left Bank. It was really jammed with people, and we walked down a little street that was solid restaurants. We stopped in a little Greek place and had gyros and beer (well, kids had Orangina). It was built of stone and cool inside and we needed to get out of the sun! It was 91 today, hotter than it ever was for us in California!!
We found our way back to Metro, and were packed in even tighter this time, into a big, sweaty sardine can, and made our way back home. It was super hot, we were tired and needed some down time. We got home, everyone was reading and then Nick got the call!! We got the suitcases!! We all dropped everything, and raced down to the Hotel to pick them up, and merci beaucoup-ed our heads off to the adorable Concierge, and lugged them back home. We relaxed and chatted with Cynthia a bit, and then she went off for dinner with a friend. We were too hot to cook, and still a little full from late lunch, so we had picnic dinner of baguette, AMAZING cheese I don't even know the name of, let's just call it sublime, strawberries, grapes, olives, tomatoes and salami. Trying to get to bed early, but it is TOO HOT to sleep.
Tomorrow it is supposed to cool down and I have endless clothing options.....What a great day.
View from our front window at sunset.

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