Sunday, August 19, 2007

Most Excellent Lunch..

Today we were invited to lunch at the lovely home of the Bourgois family, Helene and Jean-Manuel. We walked out the door, and it immediatly started raining. So Nick ran upstairs and got us umbreallas, and by the time he got back down, it had stopped. We posed for a photo op anyway.
Here we are walking over there, Miles and Aunt Cynthia are deep in a discussion about the Three Musketeers.....

Here we are at the door of the 17th century house where lunch was.
The apartment is absolutely beautiful. Here is the courtyard they look out on....we went out to look around and they all apologized for the weather. As if we blame them. We keep expecting people to blame US for bringing rain.
Here is the "Grand Staircase". This goes up to the other apartments, not actually in the home we were in. Cynthia thought it looked as though a duel should be staged here.
The kids got to play in the humongous basement room, that really puts our basement to shame....

It was really cool.
I wish we could have taken more pictures, but it seemed a bit nervy to ask the hosts if we could take pictures of their stuff like it was another museum we were touring. Highlights of their nicknacks include: the stand with the father and grandfather's epees in it (both French naval admirals), the mirrored case with all their medals, (tons!), wall to wall, floor to ceiling BOOKS everywhere!!

Lunch was a truly French affair with 2 kinds of pate, raw beef, great bread, fabulous salad, a cheese course and an apple tarty thing. Champagne and lots of wine, and coffee to finish. We literally ROLLED home.

Other noted guests were Cynthia's old friend Kappy, his adorable (grownup) granddaughter and her boyfriend. Lots of interesting stories and tales being told in both French and English, it was a lot to take in but a lot of fun.

On our way home we got the message that our friends from Seattle, The Warners have arrived. They are moving to Paris for one year, Tai is Miles' best friend from school. They are going to stay with us these last couple of days until their own apartment becomes available.

The boys were SO excited to see each other, and it didn't take long for all laptops to be in use. (we kind of staged this photo)

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