Thursday, August 16, 2007

Parc Monceau

Today we decided to take it easy. We sent Nick off on an super secret mission for shopping, someone might be having a birthday on Saturday. He was going to rent one of the cool bikes that we see all over Paris, but he didn't have the right doodad on his credit card. Major bummer. The kids and I went walking around our neighborhood. Here is a house a few blocks away, we thought it looked cool.Here is another house, looks pretty nice.
We walked around the Parc Monceau, it is really pretty and big! Here is a nice flower bed.
We hung out on a park bench, I read my book, and here are the kids with their sketch books.
Pretty tree and bridge:
This is a house they are restoring behind our apartment, on Rue Balzac. No word yet if he actually lived there.
We headed back home, taking the long way through the great market street, getting some fabulous produce for dinner, and then Miles and I headed out for some Secret Mission Shopping, and also some Metro joyriding. He really LOVES the Metro.

Had a nice dinner with Aunt Cynthia, I love that she just comes out with stories like: So we were having this dinner party, and Dennis Hopper was over, and it was a hot day, and he was sitting by the window, and took off his shirt. Richard, being a polite host took off his shirt, too, and they ate dinner with no shirts on! Good thing they were both fit!

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