Wednesday, August 1, 2007

PASSPORT, CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So FINALLY,the passport office decided I was good enough, and granted me with that special booklet, so as of 2:00 this afternoon, I can leave the country. I guess they enjoy the drama and tension of stringing people along who have thousands of dollars of airline tickets on the line...

OK, I'm over it. I went to the passport office at 8am today, the kids went to work with Nick, and I was there for 35 minutes waiting to turn in my Birth Certificate, then they said, OK, come back at 2pm. I rode the elevator down with Ron Sims (no joke!) who I cracked up by running and leaping onto the elevator because I thought it was going to leave without me. So I came back to the Federal Bldg at 1:45, and GOT my passport. I was on such a high I almost bolted out of the elevator on the wrong floor. (hey-these elevators are confusing, they go a lot slower than you would expect). Then I SKIPPED to the car, did the "I got a passport" dance, and we went out to lunch to celebrate. (still not buying groceries).

Came home and packed, and had dinner with Grandma Meredith, Matt and Zoe, Thomas and Amelia, Kristina and Roy, Avery and Asher, Beth, Isabella and Naomi. Then we came home, Nick mowed the lawn, finished packing, and went to bed!! Tom and Jenny are taking us to the hairport BRIGHT AND EARLY tomorrow. Really Excellent Neighbors.

***family photo will go here******

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