Sunday, August 5, 2007


This was a full day!! I was up first at 11 AM, Nick at 11:30, and the kids at about 11:45. We were pretty slow and stupid for a while...Nick and the kids ate breakfast, and Cynthia was headed out for lunch with her friend on the Left Bank. (love saying that). Before she left, we went next door to the Hotel Chateaubriand for some help with the luggage situation. We could get nowhere with the number they gave us to call because the voice message was all in French, and not very clear. The extremely adorable concierge there helped up through it, she knows how to talk to these people, she does it all the time. ONE of our 3 missing suitcases is here, we do not know which one, and they said they will deliver it later today. Well, counting blessings, this seems good. We got some coffee made, and loafed around and then decided we needed to see the Eiffel Tower up close, and could just not wait. We walked down to the Champs-Elysses and realized that we do not know where we are going. We noticed that we totally look like tourists and decided to augment our look by buying a map.

We get some money at the Change Bank, hee hee. ( Do you have a 20? I could give you a 10 and two 5s....vintage SNL)
Then we cruise down the Rue, and cross the Seine, getting excited as the Tower gets bigger and bigger. When we arrive there, it is a veritable madhouse, with millions of people on a giant blacktop, absolutely baking....We get some touristy brochures, and plan our return, perhaps on a rainy day, or at least a weekday... Here are some photos:
Underneath! Bet you always wondered what that looked like!!
Yea!! (note about photo that Caroline and I are both sporting the latest fashion that Monoprix has to offer) (I actually love that skirt and if my luggage never arrives I plan to go buy about 10 more....)

We have a frozen treat, which we enjoy on the grass in a park, and then walk home via the Arch de Triomphe. There is a ceremony going on there, which we learn happens everyday. When the soldiers are done with their ceremony, they get to go up to the top, but they can't take their guns up, so they leave them in this pile here. Weird.
We decided to go to the top, as long as we are there, and although we are quite tired and have walked a long way today, we all make it up to the top, up the 284 step spiral staircase.

What a view!! We see all the sights, and I am able to convince Caroline that Paris is, indeed, bigger than Seattle from there.

We get home, pretty tired, and Cynthia suggested going out for Middle Eastern food which sounded a lot better than cooking. So we went a couple of blocks away to a Moroccan Restaurant. The food was delicious, and Cynthia and I were practically the only women there, and Miles and Caroline were definitely the only kids there. All men, drinking their sweet tea and smoking their hookas. Miles and Caroline were not sure what to make of the smoking business, it is not allowed anywhere in Washington, so they are not used to seeing so many people smoking everywhere. I was feeling a little light-headed myself with all the sweet smoke all around us and we were sitting outside! Caroline started to get a headache so she and Miles played in a little courtyard between courses.

Photo of hookas will arrive later, did not turn out, but the pile of them was really impressive so we are going to go back and get a photo--check back!!!

We came home and were so exhausted that no one could sleep. Nick had to go to the Monoprix at about 11:00, to replenish our underwear supply. (suitcase never came) We started some laundry, and tried to sleep. Caroline and Miles both took a long time to settle, we are still a little "off."

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