Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some French Fashion Observation

OK, everyone knows I am no fashion plate. I have, though, watched a lot of "What Not To Wear". I was told by several reliable sources NOT to wear shorts in Paris. I am OK with that, I wear a lot of skirts anyway, I wear shorts to the beach, doing yardwork, and running, three things I do not plan on doing while I am here. It is TRUE! Women in Paris don't wear shorts. Girls like Caroline do, and some random Obvious American Tourists do, but otherwise, no. There are a couple of shorts I do see women wearing, and they may be French, or they may be visiting, but I had a lot of time for people-watching in the line at Versailles yesterday and here is what I have found. There is the shorts-under-skirt-in-case-of-an-updraft-and-I-am-wearing-this-billowy-mini....

That is what yellow cardigan woman is wearing, it looks cute.

Then there is the slightly "formal short" that is long to the kneecap and thin. I would probably not wear them, but they look OK on other people.
and again here:
A fine style for some, be sure to wear it well....

Oh and then there is a trend around here with the young women, for the micro shorts, shall we call them hot pants? I find them almost always ill-advised, no doubt Stacy and Clinton do not approve.

Now comes the men. There is a style trend here I just cannot endorse. Now, I do not know if these men are French or not, so I will not blame this style on this country. However, I will say they are all European, since you can see the American men coming a mile away in their shorts.... No, this is a special pant worn by all ages by men who perhaps observed their wives wearing them and said to themselves, "Hey, I can pull that off!" Ladies and Gents, I give you:

the Man-pri!!!
What is up with those? Not quite a pant, too long for shorts....weird.
They are ALL OVER here.....
Now you might be saying, oh come on, those are just really long shorts! Maybe, but this guy: might not be able to see it, but his actually ZIP OFF to a shorts-level!!
Then there is this guy, who you might think is a woman based on the

This punky kid in the red shirt might just be wearing giant shorts, but seriously, the effect is the same, so what is the difference?
This is the guy I stood in line behind all the time at Versailles, so I had a lot of time to think about this pantwear. These are true manpris:

You just know this style is going to come over here in a couple of years. Men, just think long and hard before you embrace it.

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Dr D said...

That is some funny stuff. I started noticing the Manpri in Seatlle after reading this. Not sure I approve. hmmmm