Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday--Le Tour Eiffel!!

Today, the day was looking cloudy and grey. The washing machine in the apt, seems to not be working properly. We need to do some shopping. The day starts out as a "taking care of things" day. Nick is trying to fix the washer, but the instructions are in French. Aunt Cynthia needs the washer to be working so that she can rent the place. She is of the opinion that we should just go to the appliance store where she bought it and ask them for some help. Like everything else in Paris, it is right up the road, so after breakfast we head up there on foot. We see this on the way there:
Oh, did you park wrong? Well, we aren't just going to tow your car, we crane it onto a flatbed truck and take it away. The cars are parked so close all the time here, there is no way that you could get a tow truck in. I just noticed a Monoprix in the background there, sweet.

We got to the appliance store, but of course they no longer sell that model (called Alise!) anymore. We look around and marvel at all the 30 different models of electric tea kettles you can buy there. Also they do not even have anything like an owner's manual in English that we might be able to troubleshoot with. Oh well, a technician is coming out next week to help us with it.
We leave the appliance store and it turns out to be market day in the Arrondissment. We are freaking out about how much better the produce is here than Monoprix and buy a ton of it. Here is some of it:
Freaking out, I tell you. We got some bread at Paul, our little boulangerie chain, and while we were there, a bunch of pigeons in the doorway, became very brazen, and one flew into the window and started eating a lovely looking raisin bread. The counter gal was freaked out and had to call the baker out of the back to get it out. The baker came out, putting on rubber gloves, and grabbed it and chucked it out the door!! Miles and Caroline were in hysterics. It was really funny. Here: me and Aunt Cynthia walking home from the market. We passed a piano store, but they were closed for August, so Caroline could not go in and practice.
We get home and Nick works on the washer some more (still not working), I make some lunch with all our new produce, --sandwiches, sauteed cauliflower, and nectarines (not sauteed). It was way better than I just made it sound. After lunch, we decide to head to the Eiffel Tower. It is getting close to late afternoon, and kind of cloudy, so we figure even if the crowds are bad, it will not be broiling hot, like the other day. We were right!! And the crowds were not bad!! We met some extremely cute Danish people in line, who we chatted with on every floor. Here are our photos:
Looking up!

Looking down!--that is a big city!
It was super windy at the top. We got the adorable Danish people to take our photo:
Here is what it looks like if you stick your arm out of the tower and take a picture straight down!
Here is the inside, taken from the first level, yes, that is the line, and that is not even the half of it!! That is for the people who take the elevator, though, we were tuffies, and took the stairs as far as we could go. Miles read all the informative signs we could find, and was surprised to learn that Eiffel had an office up there!!
We walked back to the apartment, had a nice dinner in a little bistro, and headed for home.
Wahoo!!! And then after we got home, Nick fixed the washer!! The outflow tube was clogged! All is well.

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