Thursday, August 23, 2007

Travel Day #2

Well, it was a really great time, but it was time to go. We had a short walk to the Etoile station to catch the Air France bus to the airport. About five minutes before time to go, it started BUCKETING rain. Luckily Sally, Jeff and Tai helped us over there with our bags. Even so, we were soaked.
And yes, that is a garbage bag Caroline is wearing. Considering how wet we are, how early it is, and how tearful we were, we all look pretty good. Miles was super sad to say goodbye to his best friend for one whole year, although I suspect they will have a good time being email penpals.....also, Miles figures he and Tai will go to Paris again together some day. Let's hope he is right.

We got to the airport in PERFECT timing, rode a bus out to the tarmac to the plane.
Flight to Toronto was not bad, 2 of the 3 movies were cartoons which was nice for the kids to pass the time. I actually slept a bit. We did customs in Canada, which was a very long wait, but at least we got it over with. The next flight was really bumpy from the storms over the midwest, luckily the kids slept through most of it. Here's what that looked like:
If it is possible to be comfortable sleeping on a plane, they were it.

To sum up: I loved Paris. I loved France. Favorite moment: too many, but I did love our day trip to Giverny to Monet's house. Least favorite: I am so sorry to say it was Versailles, due to the crowds. I would like it on a different day, I am sure. If I were packing for this trip tomorrow, I would definitely pack more WARM CLOTHES and rain gear. I brought too much summery stuff, so that could have been left at home.....As for expectations, I was expecting to love the food, and I did. The cheese is to die for, as is the bread, and the yogurt too, for that matter. (I'm a simple gal), and the one thing that was not as I expected was the weather. Being Seattleites, we do not let the weather slow us down, so it was not a big deal, I just did not expect it. I did expect Paris to be beautiful, and I was prepared to be impressed. What I was not prepared for was how OVERWHELMINGLY beautiful it was. It truly took my breath away. Everytime you turn a corner or look down a different street, there is some amazing thing to see. This will not be my only visit there. It may have taken 40 years to get there in the first place, but it will not take 40 more!

Forever grateful to Aunt Cynthia.

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julien said...

About the weather:
French newspapers title today on the Ete Pourri (rotten summer) as the national weather service called it,1-0@2-3238,36-947369@51-926610,0.html
Precipitation, low temperature and lacks of sun were out of the norm. In Paris, the 1931 rainfall record for august is about to be broken. Sorry you had such a bad luck for your trip, but I'm glad you liked Paris.