Saturday, August 4, 2007

Travel Day

OK, this is a post that covers about 24 hours, much of which is a blur, so bear with me. We left eeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrlyyyyyyyyy on Thursday morning. That is, we meant to leave at 5:40, ouch. We left closer to 6, but that is why we had a half hour buffer. So lucky we have the world's most adorable neighbors, Tom and Jenny to take us to the airport, and yes, they both came...We showed up at SeaTac with the 5 million other people traveling at ungodly hours of the morning, stood in hundreds of lines and got to the gate at 7:50. Perfect..... our flight leaves at 8:15!! Oh wait, no, it is delayed until 9:00.....well we had time for coffees and a paper. Flight to Toronto uneventful, movie was Spiderman 3 which both kids thought was dumb and stopped watching. We had a huge layover in Canada, slightly lessened by delay, but ate the sandwiches we brought, found working plugs and WiFI, and hung out. This plane left on time, we were served a MEAL with WINE, totally civilized I tell you, watched "Blades of Glory" which Caroline refused to watch, and was too off-color for Miles' sensitive palette. We all tried sleeping, and in the race to get the most sleep, the places are: #1 Caroline-- 3 hours, #2 Elise --2.5ish tied with Miles, and Nick in last with "hardly any". The Cappy wakes us up at 8 am for breakfast, (yes, 2 meals) and we land around 9:30. In a daze we get off the airplane, go through customs, find baggage claim and learn that three (THREE!!) of our suitcases are still in Canada. The drama continues. Nick talks to the desk where they assure him they will come in tomorrow, because, why? "Monsieur, this happens all the time!" (Note to all Air Canada employees who read this blog: please get it together on this issue, nothing brings down a person's lifelong dream trip to Paris like the prospect of no underwear.) We must be stoic, as we must figure out what to do next. Get money! Nick goes and gets some Euros, some coffee, and we stumble down in the direction people keep sending us for the Air France Bus which is how we are getting into town. Here I will note that Charles de Gualle is the Biggest Airport I have ever been in and it was a zoo! Holy cow. We find the bus, with the world's nicest driver,

**photo will go here***

and we get on the road and drive round and round the airport picking up more people. Now I realize that CDG is a GI-normous airport, Holy Cow!! The bus ride was smooth and went right where we needed to go. We get off the bus at Etoile, next to the Arch de Triomphe, and stand around awestruck. It is overwhelming to see this place I have only seen in pictures.

The Arch is about twice as large and grand as I thought. Nick said I would have a better idea of how big it was if I watched more WW2 footage of Germans marching through it, but really, don't think I'll start. We set off the wrong way around the roundabout, of course, but then got oriented by the EIFFEL TOWER, yes we can just go on ahead and use it as a landmark, get going the right way, and find our way down adorable cobbled streets to our apartment.

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Martin said...

Hi, Elise!!

I only just got around to thinking you would be blogging while in France. ISTR that you said you weren't taking a laptop. Oh, well....

Looks as if you are having a lot of fun! And the pictures are interesting, too. They bring back many memories.

A propos the Metro, can't you just get a carnet? That used to be a little book of tickets (can't remember how many) that you could buy at a discount. I used to get it by going to the ticket booth and saying "Carnet, s.v.p".

Looking forward to reading more regularly now. Mom's sorry she didn't send you a Annv'y card :-(.

Cheers, Dad