Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Versailles -what a treat

OK, we had been warned about all the lines at crowds at the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. They were not so bad. Everyone said, Oh, you must go to Versailles, it is so amazing, and you will love it. Not one person mentioned the crowds there. OH MY GOD the crowds there were completely insane. I could not believe it. We waited in line to get in for at least 45 minutes, and we ALREADY had tickets!! Here is a shot of the line, which snakes back and forth on itself about 5 times.

We get inside, and decide to go to the bathroom. OH MY GOD another line. Only for the women's though. With all those entry fees lined up outside, could they not throw in a few more stalls? And I may be getting crazy here, supply some TP? Now, I am not some foreigner who expects everything to be all perfect and just like home all the time, but seriously, I think they could afford to put a little more into facilities upgrade....Anyway, we finally get going on the tour of the building and it is PACKED! This is way worse than the Louvre. Giant tour groups pushing small children (mine) out of the way to try and stay with their group....Masses of zombies with headsets paying more attention to their guided tour than the small children(mine) who might have stopped to admire a painting themselves. This was a crowd out of control, I tell you. Not to get all Jeremy about it, but I was starting to get a little hivey about it all.... Oh, the ceilings!! Don't forget to look at the ceilings!!
Hall of Mirrors. Well, this alone was worth the wait in the courtyard and being elbowed int the ribs by bands of little old ladies. I must get some of these chandeliers for my house! And I am condsidering panelling my hallway with mirror tiles...
And of course, the gold gilt! Liberace clearly swiped some decorating tips from Marie-Antoinette.
Here's where we ate lunch. Don't mind those clouds in the background there, it only rained a little......Plus the crowds were way more tolerable out here than they were inside. We should have come out here first.
They are actually in the process of sprucing up the outside of the building. Here is the part that they have cleaned up. The other part was all covered with scaffolding.
Caroline took this one. That is Marie-Antoinette's Petit Palais in the background there. It is all covered with pink marble. Caroline loved it.
Caroline also took this one of the garden.
We went waking off onto the grounds and got lost. It was nice to be walking around here, outside, not around people, so we didn't mind too much until we all realized we were exhausted. So we took the little tram back to the big Chateau when we found our way out of the woods.
The way out of the woods required us to walk under the cutest bridge any of us had ever seen.

As we were leaving, it started RAINING, very hard, and so we ran to a little street with many awnings for a little apertif. The kids had Hot Chocolate! We were about 10 minutes early for dinnertime, so we lurked around until 7 and then went to a Chinese food restaurant. Caroline was having a hankering for rice. It was very tasty and we ate every bite!

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