Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back in Seattle

When we got home, the first thing that we needed to do was sleep. Our Adorable neighbors, Tom and Jenny picked us up from the airport, and I felt like a buffoon because I could hardly form sentences on the way home. We slept, but we all woke up sometime around the crack of dawn, so Nick figured as long as he was awake, he may as well go to work!!

Then it was on to laundry and unpacking, one of my least favorite aspects of traveling...

On Saturday was the back to school picnic at Lowell, we went and met up with friends and Caroline met her teacher again, (there are 2 Carolines in her class--why if there are 4 3rd grade classes they can't split up kids with the same name, I will never understand, but the Other Caroline seems like a lovely girl, so maybe they will end up friends)

Here is a picture of Caroline with her best friend Phoebe and her sister Anna. Phoebe and Caroline are not in the same class this year, but have plans to meet on the playground every day.
Here is Miles with his buddy Max. They are not in the same class either...oh well.
Anna and Miles are in the same class for the first time since first grade. She was his first friend at Lowell, the first one to invite Miles over to play, and the first one to invite him to a birthday party. He's glad they are in the same class again. Caroline went home with Phoebe after the picnic, they haven't seen each other all summer, it seems.

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