Monday, September 3, 2007

Circle of Life

With very little evidence that our sweet black kitty is coming home, and a very clingy, lonely orange kitty driving us crazy, and one week until school starts, we decided to get a new kitty. If Junie comes home, we will not mind having three cats, and Clyde needs a buddy for when we all go back to work and school. So, on our last trip to the pound, we adopted an adorable little 4 month old kitty we named Gloria. We like to picture Clyde and Gloria as retirees, sitting on their lanai in Boca Raton sipping Gin and Tonics....

Here she is
That is one good looking cat! She is up to all the usual kitten antics, attacking invisible stuff, digging in plants, harassing Clyde and then sacking out and getting all snuggly. Her purr is SUPER loud, and she has that cute little squeaky kitten meow.

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