Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Soccer Season

Well, the LVR Blue Vipers were UNDEFEATED last year, 2006. They did tie a few, but technically, I think that is still undefeated.... Two games into the 2007 season, we are still undefeated. That is a pretty good record. We are a very cohesive team, we have played together and with the same coach for 5 years. This year there are more kids on the field, so fewer subs going in and out, and the field got humongous! Check this out!
That is our adorable coach, Sean, in the foreground and there is the field--look how small they are! Miles still excels at defense, and running around in a way that seems to confuse the other team as to what his plan is, distracting them long enough to give our guys a chance to get the ball. We never seem to win by a blowout, this day was 3-0, but we have a couple of Really Good Goalies, which is important, of course.
There is Miles in the middle in the blue doing that running thing.
This is the first year for everyone on the big field, so all the kids were moving pretty slowly by the end of the game, Miles looked like he put on his cement sneakers.
Here's how you perk up at the end of the game!

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