Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sunday at Bumbershoot

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We had a bit of a lie-in this AM, we were over at Kristina's pretty late last night. After a leisurely morning, I had to go to work at Mrs Cook's this afternoon.

Caroline was extremely jealous that we got to go see Devendra when we were in Paris, and she couldn't go. Well, when she found out that he was going to be playing at Bumbershoot this weekend, she was determined to go no matter what! We found out he was playing on Sunday night at 9:30, and then we found out that Bumbershoot tickets are now $35!! I feel like such a fogie when I say, "I remember when Bumbershoot was free!!" in my old-lady voice, but seriously, 35 bucks seems a little steep.... LUCKY US, Devendra set us up with comp tickets!! He played the Sound Transit Stage, right here under the Space Needle--beautiful.
Miles was seriously boogy-ing down, and Kristina could not resist joining him. She says he should get his groove on now, before he realizes that Seattlites don't dance. Sad, but true.
It was very exciting, that Caroline (and all of us) got to go back stage, too!! Here they are with Devendra, and when I told him she had been so excited to meet him, he said to her, well I have been excited to meet you too!! So sweet.

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