Monday, September 3, 2007

Tragedy on 8th Ave.

We came home to a very warm welcome from a lonely orange kitty, Clyde Anthony.
Lots of meowing and stomping around looking indignant. We asked him over and over where his friend was, but he wasn't telling. After much searching of the house and yard, we determined that our beloved Juniper Pearl is indeed missing. We have searched the neighborhood, talked to our neighbors, posted fliers, checked the pound several times, not a trace. She was about 15 years old, and since I have been looking for her, no fewer than 5 people have told me that when their cat became aged, they just walked off one day and never came back. Apparently this is very much not uncommon......Well, we miss her sweet demeanor, unobtrusive companion-ness, sleek fur that felt like satin, and the way she kept Clyde in line. The couch will be considerably less warm without her.

Awwww, she was such a sweetie. We did get one phone call about someone seeing a black kitty with white boots on running through their yard, but she was gone when we got there. We still have a little hope she might come home.

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