Sunday, October 14, 2007

Miles and the Mushrooms

Saturday, my resident fungus enthusiast and I went to the Puget Sound Mycological Society (PSMS) annual Fall show. Here he is on the way in....
SO excited. We went in and saw rows and rows of tables of every mushroom you can imagine, and some you cannot!! Miles doesn't even need to read the signs, he was just telling me about them, he has been studying them for so long.

I learned that Chanterelles that we eat have veins, and False Chanterelles (which are poisonous) have gills. That is how you tell the difference. Miles has been eating his eggs scrambled with Chanterelles all week.

A mushroom as big as your head!

So pretty.So weird.
Who knew there were purple mushrooms? (well, Miles did)
There were celebrity chefs there cooking mushroom dishes, and we got to taste a fritatta that had black trumpet mushrooms in it. Oh yum.
It was held in the Center for Urban Horticulture at the U, so afterward, we walked around a bit, it has really nice gardens. A gorgeous fall day...

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I really don't like mushrooms. The exception that makes that a rule is if they are sliced really thin and served on pizza. I do grill portabellas for Rachel, but she has had to coach me as I can't bring myself to taste them. Sort of like cooking without a tongue. But she tells me they are good.

Just wanted to let you know I dropped by and I'll spend more time here when I have more time to spend.

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