Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 Thanksgivings....

For the "official" Thanksgiving, we went up to Nick's mom's house in Mount Vernon. It was an unbelievably clear day, here is a photo of the Cascades out the car window. Seriously, not a cloud...

Nick's brother Jeff and wife Rebecca were there, too.
Miles read a lot, he started a book in the car on the way up, and had already started a new one by the time we left there.
Food was fantastic!
Here I am helping Caroline with the brussel sprouts.

Took a walk after dinner, it was FREEZING cold. Over all, a very fun day....
Thanksgiving Part 2. We go over to my sister's house on Saturday, we always like having a cousin Thanksgiving, too. Here is Stefan in charge of the camera.
Tom carves the turkey, and Dorothy wonders when is her dinner?
Then she wonders WHERE is her dinner?
Kid table: Caroline, Owen, Stefan, Miles and Nora....
After dinner:
Kids play Whonu?
Nick starts messing around with Stefan's laptop that he bought with the money he earned playing fiddle at the Farmer's Market all summer. We set him up with tab effects on Firefox, we love them.Michelle starts the turkey stock.

And Tom does the dishes.....

Another great Thanksgiving, the only problem is now we have no leftovers! We are going to do our own turkey next week sometime, which is a little exciting, because we have not overdosed on it, yet.

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