Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

We had a great Christmas, and unbelievably, everything got done. With the kids in school up until the 21st, there was not much down time before Christmas, but now we have a week and a half to loaf around and play with our new toys, read our new books and sit around in our new PJs.

On Christmas eve, we went up to Nick's mom's house for dinner. My parents were with us, and they came up, too, and Jeff and Rebecca showed up to exchange gifts. Caroline and Grandma played the piano, and sang Christmas carols:
Miles and I played cribbage. I won the first game, and then got skunked in the second, he had Grandpa coaching him, and we are teaching him all the rhymes and sayings. I said a lot of "15-2, 15-4, and the rest won't score..."
Dinner was delicious ham and white bean soup, salad and bread, with cookies for dessert. I never got pictures of my cookie exchange, so here is a good shot of the bounty.

We got home late-ish, finished up the wrapping and the what-have-you, warned the children not to wake us up until 8, and headed to bed so Santa could come. I heard the kids up opening their stockings at 730ish, and at 8 on the dot, they came to tell us it was time to get up. I got breakfast in the oven, and we opened some gifts, took a break to eat, and then opened some more. We stayed in jammies for most of the day, then Mom and Dad came over for dinner. We played games and ate yummy cheese, then dinner was the traditional cioppino, sourdough and salad.
Dad brought some really special pinots, that we heartily enjoyed. Email me for the cioppino recipe, it is the one my mom has been making for many years, it is fantastic.

Merry Christmas!!


Dr D said...

Um, excuse me but I thought Safety was your middle name because my middle name has been flexibility for about 15 years. And I definitely need that Ciopino recipe. yo.

<-<--esoder<---<----<----- said...

Sounds like a great holiday. I especially like the Jammies part. I REALLY wanteed to wear jammies, but we were visiting others and the wife forbade it. And when we got to where we were going, Anna was in her jammies. So, you know, I could have gotten away with it.

Being allergic to seafood, I won't be asking for that recipe. But I do love white bean soup.

I am off next week, so there will be much reading and jammying then. I got 4 cookbooks, a Foreman Grill, and we got each other a rice cooker. And we got a lot of serving dish type things. And the biggest Pepper Mill I've ever seen. Which I will post about.

People have me pretty well pegged. And we will have 12 or 15 people here on New Year's Eve, and my plan is to use them all.

And I will try to have the finishing touches done on the golf cart before Summer. We really hope you can swing a couple of days here.

Here's to good things in the year ahead.

Elise said...

OK, Dr D, what are you talking about middle names? Did I miss something? Oh, you'll get the recipe...when you explain yourself...


Dr D said...

I'd like to blame my comment on drugs but unfortunately that is not the case. Maybe I was reading two blogs at the same time? Of course those who know me know that is impossible. Who is that funny jealous jammy "esoder"? Yo.