Monday, November 17, 2008

First Day of School...

Well, it may have been back in September, but here they are! Miles started middle school, 6th grade, and Caroline started 4th.

It may look like bedhead, but he enjoys styling his hair with lots of product and making it all wacky. It's fine with me.

Caroline has had this outfit picked out for a week....

Caroline and Phoebe have the same teacher this year! Yea!
Well, that sums up the first day of school. My plan is to post 5 pics a day until I'm caught up.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I thought that I would experiment with a new layout. I kind of like the green background, and how the photos are framed with white. I'm not sure about the big white stripe going down on the right.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching up...if possible

Yes, I have been an extremely lame blogger. Many things have happened since Provo, I am sure. I do get tired of waiting for the photos to download sometimes.....

At the end of August, Miles and Caroline's friend Anna wrote a play. She was so excited by the unit they did on Shakespeare at school, she wrote this play called the "39th Shakespeare". It was very well written and staged. Caroline had a small part as an "actor" who always spoke in rhymes, and Miles did some very good scenery work backstage. Caroline is second on the left here:

While the girls of the family went to Provo, Utah, the boys went camping at Mt Rainier and took a fantastic hike up to Panorama Point. They would like you all to know that they are not sweaty, it was so hot they put snow in their hats and it melted on them. I wasn't there, this is the story they tell me.

Caroline and Cousin Stefan share August 18 as a birthday. We take photos every year. Stefan is becoming very elusive when a camera comes out, so consider this a success! She is 9, he is 14 now.
My friend Beth had a baby the first week of September. Here he is! Jackson....
We had a weird year in the garden, due to June-uary and Aug-tober weather issues. Sunflowers were amazing, though.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Provo! Finally, sheesh.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in August, Caroline and I went to Provo Utah, to Brigham Young University for a Dance conference. I have to say that in my life I never expected to set foot on the BYU campus, but there you go. There were about 21 kids on the plane, and 6 chaperones. Here is Viv, Caroline and Emily, so excited to be going to Utah. Ah the innocence of youth...

The day we arrived was about 6000 degrees, and we had to walk across a super hot parking lot a couple of times that was all melty. After we got registration all sorted out, we went back to the hotel to change (clothes must cover shoulders and knees!) went back across the super hot parking lot, to have dinner at this banquet. It was outside and totally pleasant, with lots of ice water and lemonade which we all drank a ton of. There is no coffee in sight. Good thing I packed my own melita, filters that I carefully cut down, travel mug, hot pot, and one pound of ground Tully's French Roast.

After dinner, there was entertainment. We had performances, square and contra-dancing, and Cowboy Poetry. If you do not know about Cowboy Poetry, check it out, this guy was awesome!

There was lots of dancing every day. Caroline is not this picture, she seems to be out of frame in every one....

Caroline got the opportunity to learn this very cool Native American dance, called a Hoop Dance She got up to 4 hoops, here she and Viv show off "The World".
Here is a video of it:


Happy children at the last night's banquet. Then there was more entertainment with Native American Dance, and Caroline's teacher showed us her moves. It is really amazing.

After the conference was the day we got to toodle around Salt Lake City. We went to Temple Square, which was predictably weird. The girls wanted a closer look at this gigantic door.Temple.

During the tour, Caroline got her photo with the giant Jesus.After the tour was over, these nice ladies sang us a song about God.

Then we went to a giant mall. I don't know if you can read this, but this store sells "world-famous" cat crap!!

I got a coffee instead, just because I could.
We were glad to get home to the world of optional sleeves and abundant caffeine!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Exploratorium, 2008

It has become somewhat of a tradition for Grandpa to take us to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. We have so much fun there.

Giant magnets!

Head in a globe!

Human kaleidoscope!My favorite, watching water freeze through polarized lenses!
It's so pretty! You have to see it in person.

Here's a video, you can see it freezing!! It really gets going toward the end...

See how watching water turn to ice, is actually not as boring as watching paint dry, since you can see it happening!

Miles loves the Golden Gate Bridge, and took this photo while driving across it...

Mini Golf

First of all, if my mother ever challenges you to a game of mini-golf, do Not take a bet. We went up to Scandia in Rohnert Park, and she was on Fire!! She scored a 39, and the rest of us all scored in the 50s!! Check out that form!!
The rest of the team:

It was fun, nonetheless.Then the kids did the bumper boats:
And got wet...
Then we wanted to do the mini race cars, and for a variety of reasons, I had to drive both the kids around, it was pretty fun!
On the way home, mom told us that Shield Guy, a neighborhood legend, had died. We were worried that they might be trying to sell the house, and might dismantle the Shield, so Miles took a photo, since it has been there 30+ years, we will be sad to see it go..

How could they dream of improving on this landscaping that has stood the test of time, and never required watering or caught on fire?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Goin' to California

Despite the kitty's best efforts to sabotage, we were able to pack suitcases, and leave for California. We did not take Gloria with us:

We drove to Newport Oregon, and stayed with Karl and Alison, who we have not seen in FIVE YEARS. (too long) Their boys were staying at their granparent's house, so we got to hang out with the highly adorable Aria!
She's three, very talkative, very cute, and showed us her Princess Shoes, first thing!

We went to the Newport Aquarium, which is really nice.
Karl and Aria:

We went out to lunch, and Karl and Nick went golfing. We stayed home and played with Aria and Ginger:
The next day we hit the road, and toodled down the Oregon Coast. Which I love. It has managed to stay somewhat schlocky, yet avoid a total McDonald's, Pottery Barn and WalMart takeover. A different kind of shlock, if you will. Myrtlewood craft seems to be a dying art there, though, very few showrooms left....Here are some sights:

This sweet bike:
This exceptionally good looking family:

A guy with a weird bike:

AND the drive-thru tree!!! It was too smokey to hang out in the redwood like we had planned, so we just jammed to Novato. Nick got pulled over for speeding in a little town called Willets, where noneotherthan Seabisquit is buried! He sweet talked his way out of it, though, whew!