Monday, January 21, 2008

Miles' Birthday.

Miles turned 11 on Sunday, or as he calls it "double-digits double-digits." Since Nick is in Florida, we celebrated on Friday with dinner at Beppo. He got---a camera!! He had figured out how to work all the special features on it before we even left the restaurant. Here are some of the photos from the first day:

Why does that glass look so gross in the negative image? I don't want to think about it....

I predict there will be a lot of photos of Caroline and the cats. He figured out this "frame effect" function.
He's having a lot of fun with it.
On his real birthday, he went to the Opera with his friend Max, and saw Pagliacci. He loved it and said it was the best opera he ever saw. Then they came over and we rolled up a bunch of sushi. He had a great day.

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<-<--esoder<---<----<----- said...

Nice work! New Blog Name, same link.

You are officially blog chain tagged...

And I love that you have a new family photographer. Maybe you'll be in more pictures now. But I have to ask - is the scary glass half full or half empty? And I like Sepia Caroline. Good shot. Remarkable framing for a double digit double digiter.

Also - I LOVE Beppo. Have you ever gotten to sit at the kitchen table? It's a blast! Call ahead and ask for it next time, if you haven't already.