Thursday, January 3, 2008

Random Holiday Photos

OK, there were things we did, and I didn't have enough photos or time to do a whole blog entry. So here are some random photos to enjoy.

Back in November, the kids did not one, but TWO Santa Lucia events. Here we are, with the Drivers and the band, at the Nordic Heritage House. Rosie has the candles on her head, Will, Miles, Lilly and Caroline follow her in the procession, as the band plays "Santa Lucia" for all the folks from the Old Country here in the heart of Ballard. We ate plenty of aebelskiver, Nick had some Glogg, and the kids made some excellent crafts. We love YuleFest.

Then, after the procession, the best part is handing out the cookies. Here are Caroline Lilly and Rose, waiting for the right time.
Next, Kristina and Jeremy turned 40, and had a joint birthday party with Beth, who may be, ahem, older than 40. The party was at the Hales Brewery, much fun. Here are all the ladies.
That's Peggy (Chick P) Amelia (HotGirl) Kristina (Dr Direction) Geni (Toughie) Me (Zippo) and Beth (The Crusher) (Parentheses are our Crafting Super Hero Names.)
Next up was Shoshana's hideous Christmas sweater party. Almost as impressive as the sweaters she provided for people who showed up looking normal, is that she cooked 40 pounds of brisket for this party, which her dad spent 1.5 hours cutting up. Here are some snaps. That is me in the hideous lime green sweater with the appliqued Santa heads, holding the timer in my hand, I am in charge of the timer for the Wicked Fast Gift Exchange. Rick loaned me his Excellent Coordinating Scarf that came ATTACHED to his Women's sweater from Sears.
Here is a nice shot. Kristina couldn't find a sweater left in any thrift store in town, and went to TJ Maxx and found this fetching tree skirt which makes an excellent cape. That's Rick in the middle, too bad you cannot see how excellent his sweater is. Nick looks good in his red sweater, with a good view of the crocheted snowflakes I made for it, but you cannot see the huge Xmas tree with FLASHING LIGHTS that I made for the back. It was a thing of beauty, take my word for it. I like Lilly rearranging the beer bottles in the foreground.
Miles and Rose at about midnight as we are leaving. I do not know what is going on here, but I plan to torment them with this photo later when they get married or go to the prom or something.
Miles, in his usual Christmas position:

Gloria loves to play with Legos. She skitters them up and down the hallway all day (and night), so when Miles busted out this Bionicle to work on, she sat next to him and watched the whole time. He thought it was so cute that she wanted to watch him play Legos.
Cousins, Christmas, and Chocolate Fondue. And that is all I have to say about that!

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