Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cort + Kia

On this brilliant February day, Kristina and I packed up the kids in the Batmobile, and headed across the Sound to Sequim, for Cort and Kia's wedding reception.

Here we are on the ferry:

It was a full on reunion of U of O folks, with a few of us extras thrown in. Here are Kristina and Max, out on the deck.

Peter, in his fancy schmancy sport coat, and Robin, they may or may not be getting married, they were rather evasive about being asked directly......

Here is Peter in his natural habitat at a wedding, dancing with the kids....That is Caroline, Dylan, Avery and Asher doing his down-dog.

Caroline and the shorter ones with the bubbles. Fathead is in the background.

Asher in his excellent sweater vest.

Kristina and Avery enjoy the fantastic meal...

Cort and Kia, could not be more adorable.

Paul Heinz and his Pugaranium. You could tell it was part pug because when he got it out of the car, it immediately ran in circles, barking.

Max, Olivia, Frank and Kristina.

Two of us looking fabulous.

Miles, boogy-ing. The band, Zasu, was great, as usual....

Paul Heinz giving a VERY inspired toast....
Kia thanking everyone:

Frank, and his sleeping daughter, and M. C. Gowen, that funny guy. It sure was great to see everyone again. Beautiful wedding, fun friends, gorgeous weather. Perfect.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

This made me laugh today

If you haven't seen this, watch this one first:

This is pretty funny:

Now this one:

Things are warming up...

Despite what the groundhog said, it is looking really nice around here. That month of temps in the 30s was really getting old....

The flowering cherry started blooming on Valentine's day, right on cue, like it always does.

And my kitchen orchid is in full bloom!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lodge Weekend

Every President's Day weekend for the last 7 years we have gone up to a big lodge at Snoqualmie Pass with my sister and her family and eight or so other families for weekend at the snow. This year there was a ridiculous amount of snow. In fact, the weekend before, we would not have made it, because the pass was closed!

We have been there before when there was almost no snow at all!! This was very exciting.
Also, this year, the weather was gorgeous. Mid-high 30s without a cloud in the sky!
We spent as much time as we could outside--I had borrowed Kristina's snowshoes, which I loved, because the first day, the snow was so soft, you would just sink all the way up to the top of your legs!
Here are the kids making snow angels. The snow was not as soft this day.
Snow angel:
We went for a walk over the meadow and through the woods with Cousin Owen. This seems to have become a yearly tradition....
Here they are on the top of a tractor trailer truck covered with snow:
With the sun so bright, and all that exertion, Miles was hot. So he put his face in the snow to cool down:
Every year we walk to this little cabin to check it out. Normally we can look inside. This year we could walk to the top of the roof!
Owen was mad at Uncle Nick for "making" him get snow in his boots. He had to take them off and empty them, Miles "tried" to help out. Two 11 year old boys in the snow trying to deal with footwear. It was pretty funny. To us.
The sky was so extraordinarily beautiful, you just had to stare at it. Although I was wearing sunglasses, my eyes hurt after this walk....
In the afternoon we went sledding on "The Big Hill". If you asked the children, it was super fun. If you ask the adults, it was borderline unsafe.....Then the menfolk started a sledding contest which became hugely funny, especially when Alec's last run broke his sled.
Stefan, Gabe, Jose, Bob,Zach, Alec (with sled), Hayden,Tom, Miles, Caroline, Me,Scout, Caitlin, Owen


Miles' class did an excellent production of Hamlet last week. I cannot seem to get a video to upload on here. The file is too big, maybe, I don't know. Miles played Horatio in the last scene, and got to say the last line, "Good Night, Sweet Prince". Here he is, waiting to go on....

Here is a cast photo, bad, I know. Miles is in between the two grave diggers dressed in brown on the left hand side...
I'll try and work on the video....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pictures from Miles' camera

So I was scrolling through the photos he took of the most recent snow.....and I found some others.

Is this not the most hilarious photo??
I like this one, too.
Not sure what is going on in this one, but I am betting that is a Naked Brothers Band CD being played in Caroline's CD player....
Here I am shopping. Negatively....
Avery at New York Pizza
Gloria, blending in with the couch.
....aaaaand, the snow.

I hope to actually do something interesting soon, take some photos, and put them up here....