Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cort + Kia

On this brilliant February day, Kristina and I packed up the kids in the Batmobile, and headed across the Sound to Sequim, for Cort and Kia's wedding reception.

Here we are on the ferry:

It was a full on reunion of U of O folks, with a few of us extras thrown in. Here are Kristina and Max, out on the deck.

Peter, in his fancy schmancy sport coat, and Robin, they may or may not be getting married, they were rather evasive about being asked directly......

Here is Peter in his natural habitat at a wedding, dancing with the kids....That is Caroline, Dylan, Avery and Asher doing his down-dog.

Caroline and the shorter ones with the bubbles. Fathead is in the background.

Asher in his excellent sweater vest.

Kristina and Avery enjoy the fantastic meal...

Cort and Kia, could not be more adorable.

Paul Heinz and his Pugaranium. You could tell it was part pug because when he got it out of the car, it immediately ran in circles, barking.

Max, Olivia, Frank and Kristina.

Two of us looking fabulous.

Miles, boogy-ing. The band, Zasu, was great, as usual....

Paul Heinz giving a VERY inspired toast....
Kia thanking everyone:

Frank, and his sleeping daughter, and M. C. Gowen, that funny guy. It sure was great to see everyone again. Beautiful wedding, fun friends, gorgeous weather. Perfect.

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