Friday, March 28, 2008


Easter was very fun. In the morning, we went up to my sister's house for brunch and an egg hunt. It was POURING down rain, so we hid the eggs inside. I was apparently channeling Mom, and found all the funny places to put eggs in Michelle's house. Here I am hiding the eggs.

Nora, Owen and Caroline, finding some eggs.
Nora, Miles and Caroline pose for me. Stefan is in the background, he is hard to capture on film these days.
Caroline found all the pink eggs.
In the afternoon, we went up to Grandma Meredith's for dinner. The Easter Bunny left the kids an amazing bubble gun with fan-action.

The bubbles were that kind of bubble that don't pop when they land, and the whole lawn was covered!

It had actually stopped raining for a while, and there was a rainbow, hail, super dark clouds and CRAZY wind. We are having a very weird Spring.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Craft Day at Chick P's house

So it would seem we have done almost nothing of interest lately, seems we have taken very few photos, hopefully that will pick up soon.

Last weekend, we crafting Superheros got together for a Crafting Event at Peggy's house. I got no photo of myself crafting, although I did finish knitting a scarf and do some needlework. Peggy cooked us some amazing tacos, Geni hemmed her curtains, Kristina made an adorable hoodie,

and Beth organized her jewelry and bead box.

Peggy also showed us her amazing jumping cat, Verne!!

That cat was amazing!