Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 4-Disneyland Again!

For our last day, we went back to Disneyland to do all the things we haven't done yet. Miles took more pictures of trees.
And the sidewalk.
We went on the carousel (Grandma's dream)

We rode space mountain:

Took the train ....
Miles enjoys all the silly stuff there.
Caroline and I had tea at Minnie's house.

We think we found a Hidden Mickey.--might be a stretch...
Caroline and Miles got some exercise....

We loafed around on some boxes of explosives....
And then we met Mickey!!
What a great day, what a great trip. We were so glad we got to go with Grandma, and experience it with her. She isn't even TOO traumatized by Thunder Mountain!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 3--California Adventure!

(Sorry I've gotten behind)

The next day was for California Adventure!! We knew mom would love it here, it is so beautiful!! Here we are in the O, out in front.
This fountain is a beautiful tile mosaic, and the water comes over it like waves. I just love it, it is mesmerizing.....

On the Hollywood Backlot.

Fabulous landscaping!

Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster in the background there. We met up with Caroline's friend Katie, and we all went on the Roller coaster THREE times!! The first time Miles went, and that was enough, the second and third time, we convinced Katie's mom to go too!!
Mom finally got her ride on a merry-go-round, albeit on a whale.
The 3-D bug movie, it kind of freaked Caroline out. At a certain point, I think Disney could tone down the scary sometimes.
Photo of giant clover Miles took from a ride!
I dared the kids to run through this fountain, as a joke, and then they ended up getting soaked, oops. Luckily it was pretty warm by then.
We caught the Aladdin show...
Dragged Grandma through the netting in Grizzley Run,
...where the kids played for a while, it is a fun little place....

Caroline really wanted her picture in the giant C, but there were people hanging all over it in the morning, so we got one on the way out.Then we swung by the lego store in Downtown Disney, where Grandma cracked the kids up, making her own Hollywood Tower of Terror out of Duplos. We had dinner at Beppo, and THAT was a full fun day!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 2-- Legoland!!!

We got up this morning, having slept a lot better than the first night, and fired up the Impala, and headed to Carlsbad! The plan was to meet Leah and Sophie at 10, luckily we all got a bit of a later start than we meant to, though they still made it well before we did.

I like how my head is the "O" in this picture. Nice shot, mom.

The day started out cloudy, but got sunnier as they burned off. You would have to ask Miles and Grandma why she is hiding behind the Pirate Booty.As always, everything in Legoland is made out of Legos, and amazing. Miles took over 300 photos, I am having a very hard time editing!!

As usual, we could spend almost all day in Miniland, there were some new additions since we were last there, like the Las Vegas strip....

It is really just so much more amazing in person, really.

We went on a few rides, our favorites are the kid-powered ones. This one you hoist yourself up on a pulley and then drop down...

Real bathrooms.

Lego Bathroom:
Miles, Caroline and Sophie in Miniland. Caroline was SO excited to see Sophie again, and she could not be any more adorable.

Miles went to the build-and-race room, and made this car with my help. He didn't win the race against the kid whose mechanic dad helped him build his...

Leah and Sophie---we were sad to say good bye.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 1--Disneyland!!!

We got up early enough and had our "Continental Breakfast" which was halfway decent as far as those things go...brushed our teeth, got in the Nevada car, and sped down to Disneyland. We were so excited to show Grandma everything...

(Most photos from Miles, unless he is in them)

Weather was perfect, not hot, sunny and cloudy, Spring is well underway, here.

We were greeted by the Disneyland Marching Band...
Lines were not long at all, we went right in. (Our cashier grew up in Seattle and went to Middle School where Miles will go next year, go figure)
The first thing we had to do was take Caroline on Indiana Jones, she was a millimeter too short last time we were here, and never believed Miles when he said it wasn't all that great--too bumpy. Miles and Grandma opted for the Jungle Cruise next door.
It never changes...

They still shoot the hippo at the end...and tell corny jokes.

We then tortured Grandma, and took her on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. She laughed and yelled the whole time and said she had now experienced enough roller coaster to last the rest of her life. She did manage to take photos while on it, though, I cannot figure out how:

We really wanted to take Grandma on Storybook Land boats. It is so cute and sweet and the landscaping is really nice. You still have to enter through the mouth of the whale.

..nice picture of the teeth!
Cute little houses...they have been trimming all these bonsai since the 50s.
Miles had us take his camera on Autotopia....We tried to get a photo of ourselves. I let Caroline drive. I hope she gets better at steering by the time she is 16.
There we all are, waiting in the very short line. (All lines were totally manageable..)

Miles likes to take photos of the trees.
Nice shot of the castle...
We caught a parade on our first day. We knew Grandma would love it. This is Alice's table.
Mickey and Minnie:
Caroline was disappointed that Ariel wasn't on her float, she must have phoned in sick.

Miles set his camera to "fireworks", and took a bunch of photos--they turned out pretty awesome!! But not like fireworks.
Grandma actually got this great shot of the day: