Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 2-- Legoland!!!

We got up this morning, having slept a lot better than the first night, and fired up the Impala, and headed to Carlsbad! The plan was to meet Leah and Sophie at 10, luckily we all got a bit of a later start than we meant to, though they still made it well before we did.

I like how my head is the "O" in this picture. Nice shot, mom.

The day started out cloudy, but got sunnier as they burned off. You would have to ask Miles and Grandma why she is hiding behind the Pirate Booty.As always, everything in Legoland is made out of Legos, and amazing. Miles took over 300 photos, I am having a very hard time editing!!

As usual, we could spend almost all day in Miniland, there were some new additions since we were last there, like the Las Vegas strip....

It is really just so much more amazing in person, really.

We went on a few rides, our favorites are the kid-powered ones. This one you hoist yourself up on a pulley and then drop down...

Real bathrooms.

Lego Bathroom:
Miles, Caroline and Sophie in Miniland. Caroline was SO excited to see Sophie again, and she could not be any more adorable.

Miles went to the build-and-race room, and made this car with my help. He didn't win the race against the kid whose mechanic dad helped him build his...

Leah and Sophie---we were sad to say good bye.

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