Friday, June 20, 2008

5th Grade Promotion.....

Waaaaah. My great big 11 year old boy graduated from Elementary School in June. I was kind of teary about it all week, but managed to handle myself fairly well at the actual event. Here is Miles with Clara, one of his best friends for the 5 years he spent at Lowell. We are not sure what is going on with the magnetic force actually repelling them from each other. They were a little weird about this photo. She made her own dress!

Here are all the teachers:

Former Governor Gary Locke spoke, not too shabby....

Miles getting his diploma from Mr Miller.

Me, Miles and Mr Miller. We sure did like him. I helped him in his class every Monday, and he liked Miles , too.

Caroline, Anna (Miles 's first friend at Lowell), Miles, Max and Danny Davis. It was very fun, but SUPER cold and windy, so we took off and went and had celebratory Mexican food with the Krashins. It was very fun, but kind of bittersweet. Here comes Middle School!

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