Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, the last entry was from Disneyland in April. We have actually done some interesting things since then, but I have been busy and distracted , I guess. Here is a short recap:

There was Passover at Peggys.... I once again channeled somebody's Bubbie and made Matzo Ball Soup, here I am checking on it before we go:
It was good. Here are some of the guests:
That's the always-charming Jane, wife of our very own local celeb, Robert Nellems next to her, then Geni, Roy, Kristina and the legs of our host, Jim. I don't have a picture of Peggy!

Me, Geni and Beth in the kitchen. Don't ask, but this was right after we got there, so we cannot blame all the Passover wine.
I think that Nick told us to pose, and as ever, we are compliant.
Then it was Spring:
Rick had a surprise party. And he was surprised!
Then it snowed again.

The novelty of the Spring Snowfall has totally worn off.
Miles won this in a Math Competition:
Nick went to see The Eels.
And Caroline spent a long tiring weekend performing in this show:
This one is called "Storm at Sea"
Shes' in the middle in the light yellow shirt.

In this one she is on the far right:
And in this one she is in the middle. This dance is called "Disaster!!" and this is when the alien spaceship lands.
A busy time we have had!! Hopefully the summer will provide a lot of photos....

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