Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Egypt Night

Before school ended, we got to enjoy Egypt Night at Caroline's school. 3 of the 3rd grade classes put together this museum of artifacts that they made. We all brought food for a huge potluck, it was super fun. Here is one of the murals:

They did such a nice job! Here are Caroline and Phoebe:
So cute. Here is Caroline with her project. Her topic was 'Pharaohs' and she made a great clay model of the statues at Ramses II tomb.
She helped to make her 'tunic'
Here is Phoebe with her project, she had Gods and Goddesses:

Her babysitter helped her do her makeup! Some of her classmates didn't recognize her...

Some random boys:
Miles and I are playing a game that someone made. I am wearing Caroline's crown, which had the intended effect of embarrassing her.....haha.
Caroline's whole display:
Katie and her Pharaoh project:

It was very fun, and also educational!!!

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