Monday, July 21, 2008

Exploratorium, 2008

It has become somewhat of a tradition for Grandpa to take us to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. We have so much fun there.

Giant magnets!

Head in a globe!

Human kaleidoscope!My favorite, watching water freeze through polarized lenses!
It's so pretty! You have to see it in person.

Here's a video, you can see it freezing!! It really gets going toward the end...

See how watching water turn to ice, is actually not as boring as watching paint dry, since you can see it happening!

Miles loves the Golden Gate Bridge, and took this photo while driving across it...


esoder said...

What about Utah? When I met Carolyn there, she said the airport was the only place you could get a "real" drink.

esoder said...

Woman - Wo-man! It has been far too long since you've posted. There is no WAY you are busier than me lately!!! I want to hear about Utah and if you tracked down Care-Bear or anything. And how you all are doing and all.