Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Goin' to California

Despite the kitty's best efforts to sabotage, we were able to pack suitcases, and leave for California. We did not take Gloria with us:

We drove to Newport Oregon, and stayed with Karl and Alison, who we have not seen in FIVE YEARS. (too long) Their boys were staying at their granparent's house, so we got to hang out with the highly adorable Aria!
She's three, very talkative, very cute, and showed us her Princess Shoes, first thing!

We went to the Newport Aquarium, which is really nice.
Karl and Aria:

We went out to lunch, and Karl and Nick went golfing. We stayed home and played with Aria and Ginger:
The next day we hit the road, and toodled down the Oregon Coast. Which I love. It has managed to stay somewhat schlocky, yet avoid a total McDonald's, Pottery Barn and WalMart takeover. A different kind of shlock, if you will. Myrtlewood craft seems to be a dying art there, though, very few showrooms left....Here are some sights:

This sweet bike:
This exceptionally good looking family:

A guy with a weird bike:

AND the drive-thru tree!!! It was too smokey to hang out in the redwood like we had planned, so we just jammed to Novato. Nick got pulled over for speeding in a little town called Willets, where noneotherthan Seabisquit is buried! He sweet talked his way out of it, though, whew!

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