Monday, July 21, 2008

Mini Golf

First of all, if my mother ever challenges you to a game of mini-golf, do Not take a bet. We went up to Scandia in Rohnert Park, and she was on Fire!! She scored a 39, and the rest of us all scored in the 50s!! Check out that form!!
The rest of the team:

It was fun, nonetheless.Then the kids did the bumper boats:
And got wet...
Then we wanted to do the mini race cars, and for a variety of reasons, I had to drive both the kids around, it was pretty fun!
On the way home, mom told us that Shield Guy, a neighborhood legend, had died. We were worried that they might be trying to sell the house, and might dismantle the Shield, so Miles took a photo, since it has been there 30+ years, we will be sad to see it go..

How could they dream of improving on this landscaping that has stood the test of time, and never required watering or caught on fire?

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