Sunday, September 14, 2008

Provo! Finally, sheesh.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in August, Caroline and I went to Provo Utah, to Brigham Young University for a Dance conference. I have to say that in my life I never expected to set foot on the BYU campus, but there you go. There were about 21 kids on the plane, and 6 chaperones. Here is Viv, Caroline and Emily, so excited to be going to Utah. Ah the innocence of youth...

The day we arrived was about 6000 degrees, and we had to walk across a super hot parking lot a couple of times that was all melty. After we got registration all sorted out, we went back to the hotel to change (clothes must cover shoulders and knees!) went back across the super hot parking lot, to have dinner at this banquet. It was outside and totally pleasant, with lots of ice water and lemonade which we all drank a ton of. There is no coffee in sight. Good thing I packed my own melita, filters that I carefully cut down, travel mug, hot pot, and one pound of ground Tully's French Roast.

After dinner, there was entertainment. We had performances, square and contra-dancing, and Cowboy Poetry. If you do not know about Cowboy Poetry, check it out, this guy was awesome!

There was lots of dancing every day. Caroline is not this picture, she seems to be out of frame in every one....

Caroline got the opportunity to learn this very cool Native American dance, called a Hoop Dance She got up to 4 hoops, here she and Viv show off "The World".
Here is a video of it:


Happy children at the last night's banquet. Then there was more entertainment with Native American Dance, and Caroline's teacher showed us her moves. It is really amazing.

After the conference was the day we got to toodle around Salt Lake City. We went to Temple Square, which was predictably weird. The girls wanted a closer look at this gigantic door.Temple.

During the tour, Caroline got her photo with the giant Jesus.After the tour was over, these nice ladies sang us a song about God.

Then we went to a giant mall. I don't know if you can read this, but this store sells "world-famous" cat crap!!

I got a coffee instead, just because I could.
We were glad to get home to the world of optional sleeves and abundant caffeine!!