Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching up...if possible

Yes, I have been an extremely lame blogger. Many things have happened since Provo, I am sure. I do get tired of waiting for the photos to download sometimes.....

At the end of August, Miles and Caroline's friend Anna wrote a play. She was so excited by the unit they did on Shakespeare at school, she wrote this play called the "39th Shakespeare". It was very well written and staged. Caroline had a small part as an "actor" who always spoke in rhymes, and Miles did some very good scenery work backstage. Caroline is second on the left here:

While the girls of the family went to Provo, Utah, the boys went camping at Mt Rainier and took a fantastic hike up to Panorama Point. They would like you all to know that they are not sweaty, it was so hot they put snow in their hats and it melted on them. I wasn't there, this is the story they tell me.

Caroline and Cousin Stefan share August 18 as a birthday. We take photos every year. Stefan is becoming very elusive when a camera comes out, so consider this a success! She is 9, he is 14 now.
My friend Beth had a baby the first week of September. Here he is! Jackson....
We had a weird year in the garden, due to June-uary and Aug-tober weather issues. Sunflowers were amazing, though.

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esoder said...

Yay! A post! Catching up is hard. Especially if something cool happens that you want to do a really good post on and you put it off and put it off, and then 8 other things happen.

On photos - I make copies of the large file photos and then shrink them down so they upload a lot faster. I use Photoshop and have a macro written so it automatically shrinks all of the pictures in one folder to 4X6. If you don't have photoshop, you should be able to find something for free that will do the same thing for you - maybe some software that came with your camera or something.

And I think yer neat.