Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, long time no post. Here are some things that have happened in the last 4 months, I think.

Miles had a band concert. Ok, I think that was in December, but he looks SO cute in his tux with gold lamee accessories. It was about a hundred below zero that night, and all the instruments were so out of tune, the concert took an eternity to get thru because they had to keep re-tuning. Luckily it dumped snow, and we were out of school until after New Year's.

This happened with the Driver family. Don't know, but I love this pic.

I went to Hood Canal with my Super Crafting Coven of Shrews, and our cabin came with a ginormous bag of oysters. We made amazing sauce and ate until we were stuffed. Geni went and threw all the shells in the water. I pretended I was really arty and did some watercolors. Looking out the window at the rain was very inspirational.
Best damn photo I ever took of a sheep.

We went to the Lodge in February, and there was a moderate amount of snow.
At the Lodge, the kids went Tubing, here are Owen, Miles and Stefan.
Caroline on the rope tow.Miles, likewise.

Caroline and Nora, Cousin Fun!!!

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